Creative Lab: Connections - Sneak Peek!

We’re so excited to have another Creative Lab event on the calendar next month. The Creative Lab is NXCL’s signature event and represents the humble beginnings of our little collective way back in late 2014 when we organised the event on no budget and a tight timeline for Global Entrepreneurship Week while students in Goldsmith’s MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship programme.

Today I’m going to provide you with a little sneak peek of the exciting things we have coming up for Monday 6 June and our ‘Connections’-themed Lab event!



The first time I ever visited The Peckham Pelican I was very stressed out. I was neck-deep in business plan writing and really needed to get out of the library for a day. I’d wanted to explore Peckham for a while and when I asked friends and colleagues where they’d recommend for a day of productivity and caffeination they responded with a resounding chorus of “The Peckham Pelican!”. This cafe and bar is located at 92 Peckham Road, SE15 5PY and is a real gem of a place. They are a cross-disciplinary space and besides their great food and drink, they also act as an art gallery and event space. There is always something great going on there and we’re super excited to join this list of awesome stuff when we host our ‘Connections’ Creative Lab there on Monday 6 June.




We’ve got a great roster of speakers lined up so far for our entrepreneurial panel. The theme of ‘Connections’ is a loose one - we wanted to create a theme that was flexible and able to be interpreted from multiple angles. Our speakers are working in very different fields, but have the crucial common element of making connections between people, places and ideas.


On our panel we’ll hear from Rowena Humphreys, founder of V-Curious, who advocate for people to live vibrant, healthy and energised lives that maximise wellness through a simple and holistic approach to nutrition and food. Rowena also runs events and supper clubs to make connections between people and food as well as people and people! We love the idea of her supper club for female entrepreneurs and we’re pretty excited to try this out as a team building exercise for the five of us.


We’ll also welcome fellow Goldsmiths’ colleague, Christopher Hogg. Christopher is a multitalented individual who works as an entrepreneur, academic, poet and playwright. Christopher was recently one of four playwrights sent by Theatre 503 into the community to come back with stories about ‘The State We’re In’. Christopher’s play, Cassie and Corey was a funny, moving and incredibly topical piece about health and the experience of poverty. Chris has his hands in many pies, but he makes connections beautifully and we’re looking forward to learning from him on 6 June!


We’ll also be hearing from our past pitching competition winner from ‘Taste’ way back in November at The Bottle Shop. Gustavo of Gustavino (remember? The really cool 3D printed, Gaudiesque wine racks?) will fill us in on what he has been up to since the last Lab and how he has used his winnings.

Of course, we’ll also have another pitching competition and you will be the deciding vote! Join us on 6 June at The Peckham Pelican. Entry is only £3 and all funds go towards supporting a worthy London entrepreneur. Bring your friends and pile on down to Peckham for an awesome evening of connections!