We All Could Use a Little Hope

First off, I want to apologise for the lack of blog updates these last few weeks. Unlike grade school kids, summer tends to be a very busy time for us and there have been lots of projects and travel that have overlapped for all of us, and unlike other blogs, we don’t keep a secret store of emergency blog posts; we’d rather create and post content in real time.

Next, I would like to apologise for the fact that this post is not going to have the standard entrepreneurial or NXCL focus we typically try to maintain. Instead, I felt compelled to reflect back on some of the current events rocking the world and offer up my two cents, sort of.


News reports have seemingly been filled with horrible stories lately, but in the past few weeks things around the world seem to be escalating. l won’t go in to detail, because that is the opposite of what I want this blog post to offer and this is not a news paper. Rather than focusing on all of the horrible stuff going on in the world I want to focus on some bright positive things that are happening. I’m not all saying that the bad things should be ignored, or that they aren't important, because they are. I am just saying that maybe it’s time we stop focusing solely on the negative things. People need hope and the current trend of media affairs can make that hard to find sometimes.


So I offer up for your hope reservoirs:


- The story of 18 year old Yusra Mardini, a Syrian refugee who with the help of her sister  and another woman managed to save the boat-load of refugees fleeing with them (the women were the only ones onboard who knew how to swim and quickly jumped into the water to propel the boat they were in across the Aegean after the motor died) and has now been officially selected to compete as a swimmer as a member of the newly formed IOC Refugee Team for the Rio Olympics.

I particularly like this video of her talking about making friends in her new foreign home and how not even a language barrier could hold them back from forming. So Congrats to you Yusra as well as to your 9 fellow ROA teammates!


- The story of a village in India that has spent the last decade working to ensure equality for its young females by planting 111 fruit trees every time one is born and raising money to help the family educate her. This effectively goes against the dowry system used in the area that had previously made young girls seem like a financial ‘burden’ to their families. Parents even sign an agreement stating that they will not try to marry the girl off until she is at least 18 and has been fully educated. #GirlPower

- And to wrap it all up, here is a quick story about a couple who decided to forgo a large multi-day traditional Indian wedding in favour of a much simpler ceremony so that they could donate the money they would have spent to build the infrastructures needed to help children around the world receive a good education. They decided that if they were going to spend thousands of dollars they wanted it to have a positive lasting impression.



As I said, I know this post doesn’t fit in with most of our standard content, and that you may not think this is the place for it. But I strongly believe that there should always be a place for hope and kindness in the world, whether it is on the streets or in your company. Be good to each other my fellow people, there are too many horrible things going on in the world for us not to take any little moment we can.