Listen Up! Entrepreneurial Podcast Lineup

Headphones by kev-shine CC via flickr

So, I’m a bit late to the podcast party. People have been telling me for years to tune in and, even though I knew I’d probably love them, I put it off and put it off. Finally, in a fit of frustration with Spotify a few weeks ago, I caved. And boy, am I glad I did! I am completely hooked!

Like many, I started with the classics: This American Life and naturally, Serial (both of which I highly recommend). However, I have started branching out and have discovered that there are some fantastic podcasts out there for entrepreneurial development and creative inspiration. Here are a few of my favourites so far:

Being Boss

This is a great one for creative entrepreneurs. Hosted by badass women Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, it’s a great listen for female entrepreneurs in particular but the advice, inspiration and interviews are great for anyone wanting to add a bit more “boss” attitude to their lifestyle.



This one is a classic for those who are in the process of or are thinking about launching a business. The first two seasons focused on one startup in particular, charting the progress and lessons learned from its founders. The current season is slightly different and follows a different company in each episode to provide more variety and even more insight.


Good Life Project

This is an awesome one if your current focus is on being happier as an entrepreneur. Life gets chaotic when you are busy being amazing and running your own business - this podcast provides great tips from the pros about how to lead a happier, more balanced entrepreneurial life.


Make It Happen

This is a podcast I’ve turned to a couple of times when needing a kick in the pants to get things going. It’s a really inspirational listen that will encourage its audience to get things DONE!



Another great one for female empowerment! It’s packed with stories and inspiration from amazing women. Also a great listen for the men!


Those are my favourites at the moment, but like I say, I’m only just getting started! Here are a few others I’ve heard good things about but haven’t had a chance to check out yet: Happier, Edit Your Life, She Percolates, Grownup Gigs, The Portfolio Life.

What else?? Give us a shout on social media or in the comments and let us know what else you’re listening to! Happy podcasting!